Welcome to Signature Health!

Hello, My name is Andre Smith. I wanted to take the opportunity personally to welcome each and every one that has come to visit us here. Especially you, who are here with us right now. Whether you are here by invitation, referral or the search engine, it doesn’t matter.

My hope is that you will enjoy the way all of this fresh scientific data is presented in an effortless flow of life enriching information about the HOCATT and how it’s changed thousands of lives around the world. Some of the videos that you will see on these pages might, and probably go, no way, this is absolutely not possible. Please bear in mind that HOCATT combines eight of the world’s most powerful therapies in one simultaneous session.

What we have done is to break down all eight therapies and to extract all their scientific data. The mechanism of action, the responses on the human physiology and to present it in a nice to read way on each different page. So when taking a little bit of time to read through it. It will become very clear for you and easy to understand and that it’s not impossible, but that is just the natural response of each different therapy here. I invite you to please spend some time, relax and enjoy your time with us.

Thank you very much!

Introducing The Hocatt Plus Professional

Built for Wellness, Backed by Science, the Hocatt Plus Professional will support your practice in providing a simple yet powerful wellness strategy for your patients and clients.